Give Thanks Free SVG Tag for Thanksgiving

Here is another fun free Thanksgiving tag. Happy eating! ;)

Download the free Give Thanks .svg tag here.

Of course, that leaf is another .svg file by itself, if you are looking to match your crafts. It's on the All SVG Download. Would you like all the .svg files sent to your email? The current donation download is over 350 files! Check out the right sidebar for information.


Thanksgiving Scrapbook Free SVG

Getting ready for Thanksgiving? I bet you can find a ton of uses for these little harvest guys. I like to make a shadowbox frame for each holiday as decor. Little things like this come in handy. Happy crafting!!

Click here to download this free .svg file.


Arrows Collection - Free SVG Vector Download

I bet you need some free .SVG arrows, don't ya?! Well, if you said yes here you go. :)

I love making these files for you all! Please remember that we have all the SVGs in a download (sent straight to your email). Info in the right sidebar.

Click here to download this free .svg file.


Cute Halloween Skull Free SVG - Download

The whole family gets together for Halloween and there's no pressure for a gift or shopping to worry about. We all just get to have fun and hang out all night.

So, here's another free svg for Halloween. :) I hope yours is happy and fun!

Click here to download this Cute Skull and Crossbones Free SVG file.

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