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1. Use these files for your own personal use. You may submit items for publication using our files. You may link to us if you would like but it is not required. You may sell your cards/projects/art made with these files.

2. You may not re-distribute or sell these files. If you would like to include our designs in a collection you may contact us here for permission and information. If you want to share these files that's awesome, just send your friends the link to the page for them to download it. Do not distribute our files yourself.

3. We do not guarantee these files. They are provided as is. The downloads are provided as is.

Pretty simple right? Basically you are free to use these in any project you like so long as you don't sell or give out our files. We totally don't care if you make something with our files to sell, just don't sell the actual files. Just send people here to download them. :) We like visitors. Thanks!