Free SVG: Rolodex Card Mount

This may seem odd, but I like to do a lot of altered projects and you'd be surprised how cute a rolodex card is as a photo mount or even to cut your own dividers for your rolodex out of cute paper!

I hope you enjoy this file. Happy crafting!


School's Out! Free SVG download

Here's a school for all of your end of the year scrapbooking. :)  Have a good Summer kids!

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Click here to download this free .svg file.


Stars Free SVG downloads - Thick and Thin

Happy 4th of July!
Thin and thick stars. The tattoo looking stars are always fun for projects. I hope that you enjoy them!

Thick Star is here
Thin star is here

Happy crafting!


Whisk Me Away...

You can not help yourself, you know you want to download this whisk.

This link will whisk you away to the free .svg

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Happy crafting!!