Mustache Free SVG - Photo Booths and More!

Who doesn't need some free mustache files for their project?! Seriously, you need this mustache. You know you do. lol I think I need a vinyl decal for my car...

Enjoy this Free Mustache Download SVG File!
Click here to download this free .svg file.

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Zebra Pattern - Cricut SVG Download

In case you needed it too, here is a zebra background. This is great for everything from scrapbook pages to cards and I think it makes a great mount for Zoo photos. You can cut it in any color, any size! Make sure you follow this blog so you never miss a free file you need. ;)

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Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube - Free SVG logo Download

With all the social media stuff in our lives we may just need a fun free SVG of a logo!

Included in this one are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube. This is the rounded edge style. I'm working on a few more for the All SVG Download.

Download the file from Google Drive here. 
Happy crafting!

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Flower Frame Mesh Free SVG Download for Spring

This style of svg is called a mesh. It means a whole lot of other images (usually of the same theme) are made together to make a cool pattern. In this case I saw a flower frame that was really cute so I decided to make a similar one.

Click here to download this free .svg file.