Dandelion Free SVG - Flower, Garden, Fun

The weeds are starting already! lol

Here's a dandelion style weed. I think it just looks cool. I'd like to do this in vinyl on my potting bench. I like it as one piece but you could punch circles out of a differnt color to give it more color :)

Click here to download this free .svg on my google docs. 


Earth Day Globe free SVG file download

Hey crafters! Earth day is the 22nd of this month and in honor of the planet we live on I have made this world SVG file for you.

Click here to download this free .svg file.


Martha's 3d birdie Mobile Free SVG

 Martha Stewart Image
I saw this great mobile on Marth Stewart's website and I wanted to make one like it (not on a branch but on a hoop/ring) and you all know I don't want to sit and cut those out. So I made the template into a SVG file. :) I have the deep cut blade and I'm cutting the birds out of chipboard and painting them.

Click on the picture to view larger. Picture from Martha's website.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the free .svg file.