Tags... More FREE svgs

I have been making several tags and want to share a few on the Free SVG blog. :)

It's basic shapes so they are easy to make and I like things that don't look exactly like every other one out there. I'm kinda offbeat. lol!

<--- click here to download this free tag. 

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Mustache Free SVG - Photo Booths and More!

Who doesn't need some free mustache files for their scrapbook, DIY Photo booths or vinyl?! Seriously, you need this mustache.
You know you do. lol I think I need a vinyl decal for my car...

Enjoy this Free Mustache Download SVG File!
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Awesome Chandelier *another one?!* YES! Free SVGs

You've seen this awesome chandelier all over right? Me too. I can not find the original source or I would love to site it!! Everyone seems to take credit for this lovely image... Anyway, I modified it a little so it would cut a little better. I like this for vinyl projects. It's so cute!!

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