Trouble Downloading?

The older file doesn't download

Some of the older files are on an older file host. I will be fixing them one at a time and moving them to a host you can download from. They will be re-posted as they are fixed.

I downloaded it and I see a red X on the image.
Then you downloaded correctly. The red X appears when you view the file in a way that it is not meant to be used. Meaning, if you open the SVG in a photo viewer you will see the red x. The SVG is meant to be cut with a program like Sure Cuts A Lot. It's not a standard image file. The Red X does not mean there is anything wrong with the file!!

Simply open SCAL or Making the Cut or your program and Import the SVG. Locate the file and click open. You will see the file correctly with no X.

Still having trouble?
You can e-mail me here. When e-mailing about a download problem please be specific about the platform (mac/pc) and the browser (ie/motzilla/firefox ect). I can not help you without knowing what the specific problem is. Thank you. :)

If you are having trouble downloading and you don't want to troubleshoot, we have the option to have a .zip file sent to you for a $6 donation. There is more information about this option in the sidebar.  --->