Free SVG file House Key cricut scal

Need a house key? I think this is awesome for a new home card or scrapbook page about moving in. I haven't cut it yet. I'd love to see what you make!! Do you like it?

Haha! I just noticed the grey line at the top. It's NOT ON THE SVG I promise. I have been trying to make square images so they show right on the main page and I can't eyeball a perfect square. The grey line was my guide line. lol

Click here to download this free .svg file.


  1. Great thanks, don't know what I may do w/ it, but I will keep it in my arsinal (sp?)

  2. Anonymous24.1.10

    Here in the UK, for 21st birthdays, we give 'the key to the door'. Could use it for that.

  3. Thank you so much - this looks great!

  4. Anonymous11.4.10

    would love a key with the 21st as part of design

  5. Thank you. Yes, I can totally get a lot of use out of this. Maybe a card for a teenager that just got their license. :-D

  6. Anonymous24.7.12

    Your download doesn't seem to work.


  7. hi there - I just tried to download this file and it went to another website...strange!

    Thanks for offering anyway.

    Paula x


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